Improved Security

Customized Protection

Deployable within just hours, the Decept10 provides you with a fully operable SOC to comprehensively protect your network and sensitive data. 

What is a SOC?

A SOC, or security operations center, is the security hub at the center of your network. It’s run by cybersecurity experts who look for vulnerabilities, analyze threats, and work to improve security workflows.


Hands-On Management

All-In-One Security Services

Utilize our security experts to supplement your core team. We can transform your security operations into value-added processes that protect what’s important. 

Penetration Testing

Assess vulnerabilities, end-user risk, and potential attack paths across your infrastructure.

Incident Response

Utilize premium forensics to determine source of attacks, and develop remediation plans.

Expert Consulting

Get professional advice on best practices, security training, and security products and services.

Technology Engineering

Project management for custom technology and hardware testing for security threats.


Full Suite of Platform Features

Multi-Layered Security

Your company’s critical data will stay protected thanks to an abundance of decoy endpoints that overwhelm cyber threats. Counterfeit Security can provide your organization with a network comprised of several layers of security beyond our SOC to give you the best threat protection possible. 

Why Choose Counterfeit Security?

24/7 Reliable Monitoring

Dedicated Team

Affordable & Scalable


Immediate Threat Response | Best-in-Class Cybersecurity

Defend Your Data

Get your company protected against the latest threats in today’s cyber landscape. With our comprehensive solutions and unique deception technology, you can create a customized cybersecurity program that secures your network so you don’t have to.

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