Our Mission to is to

Protect Your 1st  Business

From small organizations to large corporations, our solutions help you manage infrastructure gaps and improve cyber threat response.

Your Security Operations Center is a critical part of your infrastructure. It is the main touchpoint for cybersecurity tasks, processes, and responses. Our managed SOC can take the strain of cybersecurity off of your team while providing a more comprehensive security coverage. 


Scalable for All Industries


With more connected devices than ever, there are even more vulnerabilities in manufacturing networks. Counterfeit Security can protect sensitive data and defend operation processes.


As a frequently targeted industry, finance cannot afford to ignore security threats. Our managed SOC handles data security while protecting confidentiality and vulnerable data.


Keeping pace with the healthcare industry can be challenging. We will work with your current IT infrastructure to strengthen and balance efficiency without compromising patient confidentiality.


Significantly reduce risks from external and internal threats by improving your security technology, maintaining essential services, and targeting ransomware.


Our all-in-one security management platform can help your firm concentrate on essential functions by taking care of vulnerability assessment and intrusion detection.

Law Firms

With a large pool of sensitive data, law firms of all sizes must employ a strong cybersecurity infrastructure in order to meet compliance standards and provide data security.


With prevalent eCommerce presences, retail businesses must meet a variety of confidentiality and security requirements. A SOC is an all-in-one, centrally managed security solution.


Transportation firms must maintain continuity of essential services such as scheduling, communications, and more. Counterfeit Security will continuously monitor for threats on your behalf.

Immediate Threat Response | Best-in-Class Cybersecurity

Defend Your Data

Get your company protected against the latest threats in today’s cyber landscape. With our comprehensive solutions and unique deception technology, you can create a customized cybersecurity program that secures your network so you don’t have to.

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